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Tornado Goes to QuikTrip

This poem was published in the print journal The Avalon Literary Review. I wrote it after listening to a news report about a small group who survived a tornado in a freezer.

Black storm clouds in distance, green field and fence posts in foreground
Photo by Rainer Gelhot on Unsplash

Tornado Goes to QuikTrip

When it finally got serious, after teasing

long enough for people to agree,

These things never really happen

except to those who made bad life decisions,

the twister turned, hurried their way

and drove them into the store.

Looking for God, sprinting past Little Debbie,

they ran into the walk-in freezer.

As the tornado played with them,

the women called out to their Creator.

The men said I love you to one another,

agreeing to find this kind of love acceptable.

The funnel took a wooden spoon to the shelves

and stirred, broke eggs into the bowl,

made cake from a box on sale

before moving on down the road.

Sweaty and cold, the frosted people crawled out,

shaking in the aisles of sweet debris,

kneeled on the Wonder Bread, and said

Thank you, Jesus, we are saved.

Published in The Avalon Literary Review, Spring 2020.


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