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Your poetry talks about stuff like Disney, Star Wars, and LEGOs, and it doesn't rhyme. That's not real poetry.

Poetry can be about anything, and it doesn't have to rhyme. Actually, I prefer poems that don't rhyme.

How do you make a living writing poetry?

I don't. I work in the software industry.

I hated poetry in school. I didn't understand it. 

I'm sorry you were forced to analyze poems or be tested on them. Schools shouldn't be allowed to "teach" poetry the way they do.

Are your poems about your life?

Not always. Poems can be fiction. A poem is not a journal entry.

Don't poets write about their emotions?

A poem is not a journal entry.

I don't think you should be writing about controversial things or political issues. That's not your place.

I never stay in my place.

Yeah, but, why don't you just stick to nice subjects, like nature or something?

We can't have nice things anymore. The times we live in don't call for thoughts & prayers or moments of silence.

What is intuitive poetry?

I think intuitive poetry happens when a poet uses psychic modalities to catch a poem that drops out of the universe already composed, perhaps getting images, emotions, or words from a past or future life, or from senses beyond the usual five, or from someone who is not fully in the physical realm. Maybe, in a way, all art is intuitive as I've described it here, but I believe we can be intentional about the process of receiving.

What is intuitry?

Stacy's word for intuitive poetry. 

I'm going to pray for you.

Thanks! I'll pray for you, too!

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