Poetry is for everyone

Poetry can be enjoyed by anyone. You don't need specialized training to access a poem's meaning or to appreciate its form or to let its language work magic on you. You can bring your own meaning to any poem.


Poetry can touch any topic, speak truth to power, call out injustice, make us laugh, hold space for wonder - both beautiful and tragic - or just provide a moment in which to breathe and be.


Unless analysis is helping you grow as an artist, to analyze poetry deeply is to kill its art, so please don't. Let poetry speak to you in any way it wants to.

About me

I earned my MFA in Writing from the University of Nebraska. My poetry has appeared in CAIRN: The St. Andrews Review, California Quarterly, Carquinez Poetry Review, Euphony, The MacGuffin, The New York Quarterly, Owen Wister Review, Soundings East, Quercus Review, and others. My essays have appeared in The International Journal of Ethics and Information Technology, in The Journal of Philosophy in the Contemporary World, and in an anthology published by Potomac Press.


Midwest USA

©2019 by Carol Everett Adams