Younger Brother

This was published in Pennsylvania English a while ago.

You cried at the street corner

when I crossed over to kindergarten,

but afternoons were our reunion

with the Brady kids, Gilligan,

Fred, Uncle Fester, and Ernie so carefree—

how I wished Bert had more friends

the way we had the mystery of living room forts:

chairs and sheets over Hot Wheel racetracks,

sprawling like cities of the future across orange shag carpet

convenient for its alter-state of hot lava

upon which only couch cushions could float

and save us. Recently I heard neighbor kids

playing the same game, and suddenly knew

our survival scenarios stemmed from ancient practice

when ancestral siblings clung to rich volcanic soil

at the fertile foot of god-mountains.

How we were blessed by birth

and every unplanned reading of favorite books

by a mother versed in tradition and Valium.

Now it's off to work we go,

unlocking doors of information

with a security badge, the key

to knowing why our father

cannot focus his flow of words:

this age of ours arrived too fast.

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Midwest USA

©2019 by Carol Everett Adams