Girl Invited to Leadership Camp

Breakfast ends, someone else clears the dishes.

She’s got a glimpse through double doors:

big kitchen—walk-in freezer, giant griddle—

how many grilled cheeses have been made here,

how much bread & butter. Calculations fill her.

Dining hall deer are solemn on the walls,

glass eyes speak wisdom to her alone,

this camp—leadership! Leader

ship. camp. Steep as the mountainside,

taller than pines. She’s here with the boys!

Marksmanship, climbing, knot tying, high ropes,

maybe she’ll save someone from snake bite.

She hugs her thick coat tight, steps

out the door, they’re all jostling, brushing

crumbs from hands, bangs from her eyes,

and camp counselor says, he turns

to her and says honey why don’t you

go on back in there and start the sandwiches for lunch.



Midwest USA

©2019 by Carol Everett Adams