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On the New Skyway at the Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo's "Sky Safari" opened in 2011. The ride is less than 10 minutes and only 40 feet above the ground, but it's just high enough to make me nervous. I love that one of the rider guidelines is "Flip flops must be carried."

Chairlift over green fields with mountains in background
Photo by Anthony Da Cruz on Unsplash

On the New Skyway at the Kansas City Zoo

Our zoo's not known for thrill rides but today it's managed to raise me

to the state of high alert reserved for Disney mountains

although I've never had to say Honey, hand me your flip flops before.

I calculate the distance with some concern because I don't believe

those lions down there would welcome us into the fold like Simba

if we fell, no, I'd drop into Mama lion's arms where she'd

gently peel my skin like the lid of a strawberry Yoplait cup

while I whimpered Hakuna Matata. It would be nothing like a good movie.

Hopefully my daughter would not just complain as if she didn't know

her own beauty and carry a stupid book through the village

but would really lean into her run, leave curled swishy lines behind her,

shout brb I'm just going to the well for water!


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