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Ode to UFOs

This UFO poem is only published here.

Sign attached to building against backdrop of sky and cloud. Sign has a drawing of UFO and says Self Parking.
Photo by Michael Herren on Unsplash

Ode to UFOs

Ode to a night sky teeming

with flying things in layers,

bats below and saucers highest,

triangles and shapes

you haven’t named yet.

You think by naming you will own

and understand, but you won’t.

Down here you’re occupied

by slamming doors and coughs,

sunburns, and whether

you need more dog food,

but your dogs already know

lords of the heavens

will not covet here,

where we invent lines to map them,

where we seek to own and say.

Up there are nameless stars

and byways that stretch millennia

and comet paths through black,

all without lines or boundaries,

all unowned but inhabited.


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2 comentários

07 de jul. de 2022

Beautiful. :)

Carol Everett Adams
Carol Everett Adams
21 de jul. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank you!

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